Cryptocurrencies Market Rebounds $130B & Recovers by 37%

The cryptocurrency market has recovered in one day more than $100 billion, as BTC reached $36K and gains for other altcoins

The last few days were the worst for the majority of the cryptocurrencies. Read more [Cryptocurrencies Are Witnessing Double-Digit Drops]. However, BTC has slightly recovered from these losses and reached $36K, in addition, other altcoins have also witnessed a double-digit price gains like Avalanche, Shiba Inu and Terra.

Bitcoin, has reached to a multi-day high at $43,500 on the last Thursday, but this did not last as everything started going south, as BTC value started to dip rapidly to reach $38K level, this dip was the lowest point since Aug, BUT IT WAS NOT THE LAST DIP, as the bears did tighten the dominance on the market, and as a result of this, BTC dipped by $4K to reach $34K, which is considered the lowest price the currency reached since July 2021. Read more [Bitcoin Price Severely Dropped to 11% in a Day – Market drop].

The that correction, the currency added a worth of $2K and currently stands at the range between $35K and $36K, moreover, the market cap is still below $700 billion.

What we can consider a good gain is the altcoins gain, as they suffered previously more than the Bitcoin did, but they are currently trading in green on the daily scale.

Ethereum ETH, for example, decreased by $1K in the past 2 days, to reach $2,300, but now, the currency added more than $200 to its value and hits more than $2,500.

As for other altcoins, they did indeed recovered as Dogecoin, Cardano, Binance Coin, MATIC and Polkadot recovered 10%. Avalanche recovered 13%, Terra 20% and Shiba Inu 21%.

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