Coinbase Exec Shows Crypto Forecasts for Avalanche & Solana

Coinbase Exec Provides Crypto Predictions For Both Solana (SOL) And Avalanche (AVAX)

crypto 2022 predictions are all over the sites since the beginning of the new year. Read more [2022 Cryptocurrency Investing Predictions – Individual Prediction]. So here are the latest predictions provided by Coinbase exec. According to Daily Hodl the online publication indicates that a crucial administrative at Coinbase released what he imagen is in store for the 2022 crypto markets.

In a new Coinbase blog post, Surojit Chatterjee, the chief product officer of Coinbase, stated that Ethereum two competitors Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX) must witness a raise this year. Read more [Coins News: Bitcoin & Ethereum Dip While AVAX & LUNA Rose].

“As we welcome the next hundred million users to crypto and Web3, scalability challenges for ETH are likely to grow…” and “Traction of Solana, Avalanche and other layer-1 chains shows that we’ll live in a multi-chain world in the future. We’re also going to see newer L1 chains emerge that focus on specific use cases such as gaming or social media.”

Moreover, Chatterjee added that he believes DeFi protocols will be adopting regulations and more large institutions will start sharing a part of DeFi. Also DeFi platforms that are fine with regulators and need their existing as well as KYC verification standards would attract hesitate investors.

“[Institutions] are still hesitant to participate in DeFi. Institutions want to confirm that they are only transacting with known counterparties that have completed a KYC process. Growth of regulated DeFi and on-chain KYC attestation will help institutions gain confidence in DeFi.”

Chatterjee did not forget NFTs, where he mentioned them and said that they’d like to observe and see more interesting marketing initiatives which are using NFTs. As he also imagine NFTs as a new Instagram for brands.

As for Bitcoin, Coinbase mentioned that the king of the cryptocurrencies has no one to compete with or affect it. Correspondingly, the crypto exchange stated that the BTC is considered as a golf digital version by itself.

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