Chips lack is reaching smartphones and hampers Qualcomm

Qualcomm is struggling to meet the growing demand for its processor chips used in smartphones and devices after the chipset shortage that initially hit the auto market has moved to affect the entire electronics sector, as Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone producer, suffers from shortage of Qualcomm applied processors, the basis for smartphones.

Qualcomm chips have seen a growing demand over the past months as Android phone makers try to win over Huawei Technologies customers, which were abandoned by its users after the imposition of US sanctions on it, and Qualcomm finds it difficult to meet this huge demand that exceeded expectations due to a shortage of some parts used in the manufacturing.

Qualcomm’s chipset shortage has caused damage to the production of Samsung’s mid- and low-end devices, and there was a severe shortage of Qualcomm’s new flagship “Snapdragon 888” processor, but it was not said whether this affected the production of high-end or high-end Samsung devices. And sources in the company said that Qualcomm is expected to achieve sales forecasts for the second quarter of the fiscal year that were set last February.

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