China Keeps Scrutinize The Technology And Internet Sector

The Chinese Minister of Industry says that his country is continuing its campaign on the technology sector to improve the reality of markets

China will continue its campaign to scrutinize the internet sector to remove practices that include blocking company website links by competing platforms and ensuring that small businesses have room to grow and develop, according to the Chinese Minister of Industry in an interview with local and foreign newspapers, where the Chinese government launched a massive campaign last year among its regulators to rein in the internet sector of the economy, which is led by names such as Alibaba Group, Tencent Holdings and others.

Last July, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a six-month monitoring campaign aimed at addressing issues related to market disruption, infringement of users’ rights, data security compromise and users suffering from unblockable advertisements and pop-ups.

The ministry stated that the problem of blocking links between competitors’ platforms has been resolved, and pop-ups are being permanently eliminated, and the ministry will work with other government ministries and the technical industry to ensure that small and medium-sized companies have more room for development.

Last month, China’s largest social media platform, Tencent Holdings’ WeChat, began allowing users to open links shared from competitor platforms in chat conversations on its app, and Alibaba also started allowing consumers to use WeChat Pay on several of its affiliate platforms, including meal delivery service, video streaming platform Youku, online ticket buying platform Damai and its overseas e-commerce platform Kaola. Read more [Alibaba Group Holdings Partners With WeChat].

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