China and the United States dominate the arms market in 2019

American and Chinese companies dominated the global arms market in 2019 and the first company from the Middle East appeared in the list of the 25 largest arms manufacturers around the world, as the American arms industry accounted for 61% of the total sales of these companies last year, followed by China with 15.7%.

The total sales of the companies mentioned in the list increased by 8.5% to reach 361 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 50 times the annual budget for the work of the United Nations in peacekeeping. Six American companies and three Chinese companies ranked in the top ten of the list, in addition to the British company BAE Systems in Seventh place.

American companies Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Dynamics ranked the top five, while Chinese companies AVIC, CETC and Norinco ranked sixth, eighth and ninth, and American technology group L3Harris ranked tenth, and European companies remain a little dispersed, but when combined together they may equal the size of Chinese companies and American.

But European companies such as Airbus (European, ranked 13th) and Thales (French, 14th) boast a strong presence in the global market, as both of the aforementioned companies have representation in 24 countries, outperforming the American company Boeing.

For the first time, a weapons company from the Middle East reached the list of the top 25 companies in the world, called EDGE. It is based in the United Arab Emirates. It was established by merging about 25 defense entities in 2019, and the list witnessed the launch of the French company Dassault from 38th to 17th place thanks to its Rafale fighter jet exports in 2019, and two Russian companies ranked on the list, Almaz-Antey in 15th and United Shipbuilding at 25th.

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