BTC Lost Again the Latest High at $59K While LUNA Soars 60%

While BTC keeps struggling below $59K, Terra (Terra) has gained more than 60% in a week

Bitcoin has failed once again severely, costing it thousands of dollars after a hard try from Bitcoin to reach $59,000K today. While at the same day other altcoins quit on a daily scale, however, Terra was the best performing among others which has resulted in tapping a new ATH at $65.

Earlier on Monday, CryptoPotato reported that bitcoin had racked up over $4,000 in hours and was now worth more than $58,000, then BTC tried to challenge $59,000 for the first time, but it failed.

After the rejection, BTC tried again and it briefly surpassed the $59,000, but the bears stepped up and pushed down, the same thing happened again yesterday, as bitcoin was trading at $56,960.24 before hitting $59,000. Despite this, it failed to conquer it and dumped below $56,000 in the following hours.

Currently, the cryptocurrency has maintained stability, and it is now trading at $57,000. However, the market capitalization hasn’t changes and still well below $1.1 trillion, and other altcoins dominance still below 41%.

Last day, the second-largest cryptocurrency was just 1% away from exceeding $4,800, but couldn’t get there. Additionally, it was rejected at that level, and the bears have now brought ETH below the $4,600 level after a small 24-hour drop.

Other altcoins also struggled and trading in red such as Binance Coin has lost a similar percentage (-3%) while the trades at $620. Ripple (-3%), Polkadot. Cardano (-3%). Shiba Inu (-6%). Avalanche (-6%). Polkadot (-4%).

On the other hand, Solana and Dogecoin are slightly up. Meanwhile, Terra is the top performer after posting a double-digit gain. Just hours ago, LUNA set a new all-time high of around $65 since it’s up by 60% in seven days. And some other altcoins also gained more value such as Stacks (27%), MATIC (13%), Voyager Token (35%), Nexo (11%), KuCoin Token (12%) and Curve DAO Token (19%).

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