Bitcoin rises to a record value and is heading to $25,000

Bitcoin soared again to a new record of $24.661 on Friday, and investors posted on social media the phrase “Happy Bitmas” or “Bitcoin’s Birthday” to coincide with Christmas and as the leading cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has enjoyed sudden success during the pandemic crisis to quickly become a competitor to gold in some investment portfolios, increasing its value by only 3.15% during this week, and it currently has a market value of about 350 billion dollars, while the market value of gold is 10 trillion dollars. has noticed a 40.46% growth in wallet creation on the cryptocurrency exchange year-to-date, which means that about 18 million new wallets have been created on the site since December of 2019.

The famous Bitcoin investors believe, with their constant optimism, that it is only the beginning of the launch of the currency, and its market value may reach in 2021 $ 1 trillion if investors take it as a reserve currency seriously. Even Goldman Sachs Bank took the digital currency seriously, indicating that it constitutes an increasing threat to gold.

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