Bitcoin Price May Double in The Coming Months

The market is spotting the light on huge surge the Bitcoin could have in few months according to Antoni Trenchev the co-founder and managing partner of crypto lender Nexo

The market is currently full of optimistic forecasts regarding the surge of the Bitcoin price, amidst the various market corrections lately. However, Antoni Trenchev the co-founder and managing partner of crypto lender Nexo is one of the popular figures who is spreading optimistic vibes about Bitcoin price.

As Trenchev mentioned lately in a Bloomberg interview that the Bitcoin price could double by more thank 130% from where it is right now in the coming months.

“[Bitcoin is] going to a $100,000. We will see that level for sure. Whether it happens by the end of June, my optimistic scenario, or towards the end of the year. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.” and added “But it’s fascinating how resilient this asset is, and the more bearish the consensus gets, and this appears to be happening right now, the more bullish I personally get.”

It is worth noting that the interviewer asked Trenchev if whether the Federal Reserve Bank’s plans to tighten monetary policy are bad for BTC. He said that there is no will to raise the interest levels extensively currently.

He also mentioned that the Federal Reserve Bank may unbend monetary policy if and only if the S&P 500 US stock index crashes.

“I think as soon as the S&P and the credit markets correct, something to the tune of 20% or even 30%, we will be back to easing in no time. I don’t see the political will for anyone to power through what is necessary – to hike the rates consistently and for extended periods. I just don’t see that on the horizon.” he also added “You know, the S&P is down here today 2.5% and everybody is calling the end of the world. So, I don’t see that as a too-likely scenario and I think cheap money is here to stay.”

It is worth noting that Bitcoin is trading in red by writing this article at $42,971.68 price.

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