Bitcoin Gets Higher and Reaches $30K as ETH Rally

During the previous week, Bitcoin BTC went down to reach $26,350, which is considered the lowest since late 2020

The largest cryptocurrency in the market cap Bitcoin (BTC) slightly rose to more than $30K during this day, after around 6 straight weeks of the declines and red color.

As for the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), the weekend rally witnessed ETH gain with ore than 5% to $2,065.31, while Cardano ADA added more then 11% to hit $.553, moreover, Solana SOL raise to more than 14% to reach $53.24.

These gains come just after a bloody and an unprecedented week in the crypto market headlined by Terra’s UST and LUNA imploding.

Last week witnessed a more than $200 billion in total crypto cap disappear in just one day as the king currency Bitcoin BTC dipped to the lowest price since late 2020.

The largest cryptocurrency in the market BTC is trading at $29,562.36 by the time of writing this article and it is trading in red. Moreover, ETH the second largest cryptocurrency is trading at $2,007.63, and the asset is trading also in red.

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