Bitcoin and Ethereum Reach New Record Value

Bitcoin reached a new record value in Asian trading, continuing its two-month rally that has seen the coin’s market cap surpass $1 trillion a day before it started.

Where the most famous digital currency in the world rose to record a record value equal to 52,620 dollars, thus becoming a weekly increase rate of 18%, and the currency has increased in value by 92% since the beginning of this year so far, and there is no doubt that its rise came after the increasing acceptance of dealing with it among large investors and companies such as Tesla, Mastercard and BNY Mellon as well.

In a similar context, the Ethereum coin, which represents the second largest digital currency in terms of market value and daily trading volume, reached a record value equal to $2,040.62, recording a weekly increase of 12%.

Ethereum is the digital currency that facilitates trades on the Ethereum blockchain, and it became known as Ether or Ethereum in the world of digital currencies, and like its predecessor, institutional investment helped its rise, and the currency is expected to reach $2,500 after the launch of Ethereum futures contracts on the CME exchange early this month.

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