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Best Wall Street Stocks To Invest Right Now

The best Wall Street analysts are optimistic about the success of these five stocks

Financial data firm TipRanks has collected the insights of experts and analysts on the capital markets and obtained the opinions of top analysts on the top five stocks in various industries within the current trading market environment.


The combination of the shift to cloud-based computing solutions, and the numerous cyber breaches in security systems over the past year have pushed cyber security and protection companies to high ratings, the most important of which is CrowdStrike, which recently published a distinguished results report after its strong results during the second quarter, which prompted it to raise its stock price target from $335 to $340, with a success rate of 71% and an average return of 30.6%.


Due to the ongoing health crisis that forced people to stay at home, some of them went to buy pets, which was reflected in the success of some veterinary health care companies such as pet pharmaceutical services company Chewy, which analysts believe that its stock price target is $110, with a success rate of 72% and an average return of 33.4%.


The repercussions of the global semiconductor shortage crisis have affected several basic industries in the market, the most important of which are the automotive industry and the smart phone industry. Therefore, processor companies such as Qualcomm are considered hugely profitable, knowing that the shortage may continue until 2023, according to Daimler. Read more [The Semiconductor Crisis Will Remain Until 2023]. Qualcomm’s stock price target is set at around $180, success rate is 68% and average return is 26.7%.


Video broadcasting, television and online sports betting services were among the most successful business projects over the past year and a half, as companies in these fields have witnessed remarkable growth, and FuboTV is trying to combine these two fields in a rare move that is theoretically successful, and therefore, its share price target was raised to $45 with a success rate of 50% and an average return of 39.1%.


Global software development company Autodesk’s shift towards a fully digitized billing strategy and move toward a subscription-based business model has led to optimism about the software giant’s stock with a price target of $363 with a success rate of 82% and average return of up to 39.3%.

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