Baidu Will Need 6 Years to Launch its Own Metaverse

Chinese tech giant Baidu says it may take about 6 years before it fully prepares its metaverse world

Coinciding with the excitement about the metaverses that has swept the world this year, Baidu, one of China’s tech giants, has unveiled a version of its virtual ecosystem that has so far been disappointing, knowing that metaverses can be defined simply as the new generation of the Internet – a virtual world in which humans interact through three-dimensional characters (avatars).

This concept was further highlighted when the popular social network Facebook rode the wave in October by changing its name to META and announcing plans to put $10 billion in investments related to this virtual world over the next year. Read more [Facebook Officially Changed Its Name To Meta] and [The World of Metaphysics Will Be Investable].

Metaverse hits the tech headlines in China, and the Chinese company Baidu announced that it plans to hold its annual developer event on Monday in the virtual world via its XiRang metaverse app, and the company claims it will be the first metaverse conference in China.

Development of the app began last December, but it is still “six years behind” from its full and official launch, according to Baidu Vice President Ma Jie, noting that the company’s application, in its current version, will be able to host 100,000 virtual people at a conference on Monday.

Baidu aims to build an open source platform for metaverse developers – that is, it will provide them with the infrastructure for this virtual world, and next Monday’s event will mark the first opening of XiRang for developers in China for the time being.

It is worth noting that the giant Chinese company continues to expand its business within the technical sector, despite the fact that its business in artificial intelligence and advertising is achieving great success. Read more [Baidu’s Advertising & AI Sales Exceed Expectations] and [Baidu Will Launch Self-Driving Taxis in 100 Cities].

The Chinese government has recently tightened its control over the Internet sector and technology companies in China, knowing that it has banned foreign social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and Google was able to operate its search engine in the country only for a short period, and local tech companies, including Baidu, are still in the crosshairs of regulators, who continue to impose fines. Read more [Republic of China Fines Big Tech Companies].

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