BabyDoge Exceeds The Total Holders & Surpasses SHIB

BabyDoge officially surpassed SHIB in term of token holders by more than 4,000 holders

Shiba Inu $SHIB was called the Dogecoin $DOGE killer, but this did not last, as a new meme token called BabyDoge has just surpassed SHIB and dominated the meme coin space.

Dogecoin cryptocurrency was created of a meme, and the success of the currency is related to many external factors such as Elon Musk consistent endorsements. The success of DOGE has also paved the way for other meme coins in the market. Meme coins have been playing a role in the crypto market since they were born, however, SHIB was attracting the light among other meme coins till BabyDoge decided take over the light.

BabyDoge is a new meme coin which entered the market in July 2021 and has been trading since so. This currency popularity was growing upwards, moreover, the latest news about BabyDoge was the news related to token holders numbers which gained a enough number to surpass SHIB, as the asset exceeded $1,120,139 holders to break its previous record.

Shiba Inu managed to reach the top of meme coins in 2021 as the asset gained a spot with the coveted top 20, with a rise in price to reach $17.94 billion. However, the new asset BabyDoge Exceeded SHIB success in terms of the holders.

As for today, BabyDoge officially surpassed SHIB in terms of holders to gain as high as 1,120,000 holders against 1,116,000 holders for SHIB.

Despite this, BabyDoge has also surpassed the second most popular cryptocurrency (ETH) to become the most traded asset in the top 1000 BSC wallets.

BabyDoge price at the moment of writing this article is about $0.000000002983 and the asset is trading in power GREEN.

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