Apple shares opened at the highest value ever, growing 150%!

Apple’s stock opened today, achieving a record value in its history, with a value of $138.05, to cross the highest value it reached on the second of last September, recording $137.59, but since that time the share price has declined slightly in daily trading.

Apple is now witnessing a 150% growth in its stock since it opened for 2020 at a value of $57.02 in late March, a few weeks after the Corona virus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and the company’s business flourished during the epidemic with the increasing demand for electronic devices such as Macs and iPads with the shift of many people to work, learn and socialize from their homes.

Apple achieved record quarterly revenue in September with revenue of $64.7 billion, and the December quarter is expected to record impressive numbers due to the launch of the entire iPhone 12 lineup during the quarter that suffered from delays due to the pandemic.

According to analyst estimates, the current holiday quarter may witness the company’s announcement of its highest ever quarterly revenue, which may reach $100 billion at the end of that month.

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