Apple Faces Serious Antitrust Case In India

Apple faces an antitrust challenge in India over exploiting its dominant position in the app market by forcing developers to use its purchasing system

Apple faces an antitrust challenge in India for abusing its dominant position in the app market by forcing developers to use its in-app purchasing system. Notably, these allegations are similar to the case Apple faces in the European Union. Over the past year, regulators there launched an investigation into Apple charging in-app fees of up to 30% for distributing paid digital content, as well as other restrictions.

The Indian case has been brought by a non-profit, non-popular group arguing that Apple’s 30% fees are negatively affecting competition by increasing costs for app developers and customers, as well as being a barrier to competitors’ entry to the market, unlike in Indian court cases, the details and case files being reviewed by the CCI are not made public.

Apple’s iOS system operates only about 2% of devices in India currently, while the rest are running Android, noting that the number of smart devices reached 520 million by the end of 2020, despite this, statistics reported that the American company’s share has doubled in the country during the past five-year period.

The Apple case in India comes as South Korea’s parliament approved a bill this week that would prevent major app store operators such as Google and Apple from forcing software developers to use their payment systems.

The Competition Authority of India has plans to speed up all cases involving technology giants such as Amazon, Google and even Flipkart, a subsidiary of retailer giant Walmart. Read more [Flipkart and Amazon Challenge Antitrust Investigation Order].

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