Amazon Raises Wages And Hires New Workers

Amazon raises wages to $18 an hour as it hires 125,000 new workers

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that will raise its average starting wage to $18 per hour, as well as reveal a plan to hire more than 125,000 workers in its warehouse, delivery and transportation division in the United States.

The largest online retailer in the world stated that it will pay a joining bonus to the company of $3,000 in some regions, and the hourly wage may increase to $22.5, noting that Amazon was one of the first retailers to set the minimum hourly wage at $15 in 2018, and it raised it last May to $17.

Amazon is hiring workers to operate the 100 logistics facilities it will open this month in the United States, in addition to the more than 250 it has already opened this year, and the new hiring campaign will help expand the daily delivery service for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Retail stores are scrambling to hire workers in a tough labor market as well as offering benefits and bonuses to lure them in. Earlier this month, Walmart announced its plans to hire 20,000 supply chain workers ahead of the busy holiday season. Read more [Walmart hires 20,000 workers ahead of holiday season].

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