Amazon Promotes Its Brands In Illegal Ways

Amazon fakes products and search results in order to promote its brands

Amazon has been repeatedly accused of falsifying the products it sells on its website and exploiting vast amounts of internal data to promote its merchandise at the expense of other sellers, but Amazon has denied all charges, read more [Flipkart and Amazon Challenge Antitrust Investigation Order].

However, thousands of pages of internal Amazon documents vetted by news networks — including email, strategy papers and business plan — show that the company conducted an orchestrated campaign to create counterfeit products, as well as manipulating search results to support sales of its products in India, which is the company’s largest growing market.

The documents reveal how Amazon’s own branding team is secretly exploiting internal data from its India platform to copy products sold by other companies and sell them on their own accounts, and employees helped increase sales by falsifying search results to show those products at the top of the results, just as a 2016 Indian report stated that Amazon shows its products “in the second or third search result” when consumers shop on its platform in India.

When testifying before the US Senate in 2020, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos explained that his company is preventing employees from using seller data to help promote the businesses of its brands on the platform, and in 2019, another Amazon executive testified that the company does not use that data to create its own products or alter search results in its favor.

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