Amazon launches an online pharmacy project to start a new competition in the pharmaceutical market

Amazon announced on Tuesday the launch of an online pharmacy project called “Amazon Pharmacy” to deliver drugs in the United States, to increase competition between it and drug sellers such as Walgreens, CVS and Walmart, as this project came against the background of Amazon’s takeover of PillPack in 2018.

The details of the project stated that this pharmacy will allow the customer to compare the prices of medicines when purchasing them from the company’s website or on the application, and will also allow them to choose payment methods, either through joint payment with health insurance or payment without health insurance, in addition to a large discount for premium members who have Prime subscription.

Amazon added that if its Prime members prefer to buy the drugs themselves, the discounts on purchases without health insurance apply to the more than 50,000 pharmacies on the ground, including competitors’ pharmacies, that Inside Rx provides them with.

Amazon added that Prime subscribers will get 80% discounts on generic medicines and 40% on generic medicines when paying without health insurance, in addition to the advantage of delivery within two days, knowing that there are more than 150 million Prime subscribers around the world, and the company expects that the idea of buying medicines via the Internet will be accepted after it became available on Amazon, and it is expected that orders for medicines on the Internet will increase in conjunction with the increasing growth of e-commerce due to governments directing people to stay in their homes to avoid the risk of an exacerbation of the number of infections with the Corona virus.

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