Amazon Launched a New Virtual Shoe-Try on Feature

Amazon will allow customers to try digital copies of the shoes they want to buy

Amazon has launched a new augmented reality shopping tool that allows users to try on the shoes they want to buy virtually, and Amazon said that this tool will make online shopping easier and more interactive with shoppers.

The feature, called Virtual Try-On, is available to iOS device users in the US and Canada within the Amazon Shopping app, and the feature has added thousands of models from brands like New Balance, adidas, Reebok and Puma. Read more [The Giant Meta Opens its First VR Headset Store].

To use this tool, the shopper will need to press the “Virtual Try-On” option on the displayed product page and then point the camera at his foot and two pairs of shoes will appear on the screen. Users can switch between different colors of the shoes and the change will appear automatically on his smartphone. The feature won’t help them see how well the shoes fit the foot, but it will give the buyer an idea of ​​what the shoes will look like on them. Read More [Amazon Opens Its First Real-Life Fashion Storefront].

This feature is an extension of other virtual shopping tools owned by Amazon, most of which are based on augmented reality (the technology that projects virtual objects into reality). In time, Amazon launched another tool called Room Decorator, which allows the user to place several products and virtual items in his home at the same time. Read More [Amazon Shares Plunge After Slowest Quarterly Revenue Growth].

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