Amazon is looking to invest $100 million in the Apollo drugstore chain to expand its healthcare projects

Amazon is considering investing $100 million in Indian pharmacy chain Apollo Pharmacy, shortly after launching an online pharmacy to deliver drugs in the US, as the company looks to compete with Reliance Industries and Tata Group in the fast-growing Indian drug market, although Amazon It has already started providing drug delivery services in India.

This potential deal comes amid intense competition with Reliance, which purchased the largest share of the Netmeds electronic pharmacy project, in conjunction with the continued growth of the electronic pharmacies market and its threat to many Indian commercial companies in the market, and it is said that electronic pharmacies will contribute to the rise in drug sales and will lead to the entry of several major companies The market has led to an increase in unemployment in this area.

The plans to expand Amazon’s business in India come after the launch of the Amazon Pharmacy service on November 17, which intensified competition with drug stores such as Walgreens, CVS Health and Walmart, where US customers can buy medicines from the main Amazon site, and members who have an Amazon Prime subscription benefit. From several services, including delivery within only two days, in addition to large discounts on the prices of brand-name or similar medicines.

In 2018, when Amazon acquired small drug delivery startup PillPack, observers predicted that Amazon would launch a drug delivery service, in June 2019, the company launched its over-the-counter drug brand, and in August 2020, the company launched a wristband Halo is named to monitor signs of health of the person who wears it.

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