Amazon considering buying Wondery for $300 million

Wondery which was founded in 2016 is the largest independent podcast producer in the world, with over 100 podcasts to date and a total of 58 million streams or uploads, and is the sixth largest podcast publisher in the United States, having the most From 8 million listeners, according to October statistics.

Sources reported that the company is in talks with Amazon to buy it for $300 million, but initial discussions are still ongoing and the company can make any other deal, and according to Bloomberg, that in November, Sony and Apple were among the four companies in talks to buy Wondery, which is seeking For a deal worth between 300-400 million dollars.

If agreed, it would be the biggest deal in the podcasting industry ever, given that Apple already offers its own podcast service, as well as giant Google, which also provides podcasting as part of its streaming services.

The news of the possible acquisition of Wondery by Amazon coincides with the boom in the podcasting industry, as Spotify acquired the Gimlet Media & Anchor platform for $340 million in 2019. In May, the company signed a multi-year podcasting contract with Joe Rogan. Also agreed with Kim Kardashian West in June to host a podcast featuring her work with the Innocence Project.

Spotify is seeking to add a podcast subscription to its services, according to what was recently circulated. On the other hand, Amazon sent emails to several podcast producers in August that it would launch podcasting services on its Amazon Music and Audible platforms, but the company told the producers that it You’re going to give them a platform on the condition that they don’t talk badly about Amazon.

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