Airbus unveils the new business jet in pursuit of meeting corporate needs

Airbus SE is wagering that the jet-manufacturing sector will not be affected as hard by the pandemic as it has for the commercial flights as the aircraft manufacturer unveiled a commercial version of the A220.

Airbus, which handled over the development of the plane from Bombardier in February, said “The plane would have three times more cabin space and would cost about a third less to operate than competing models“. The current model is based on the A220-100 design and will be able to fly up to 10,500 kilometers, which is enough to connect London to Los Angeles.

The world wide spread of the COVID-19 has raised risky alarming expectations about the future of business travel, and the possibility of demand harming as companies become accustomed to the virtual meetings. However, the concerns about high global infection rates make private jets an attractive alternative for those who need and can afford to travel.

Airbus also announced six new orders for the new model on Tuesday, two of these orders from Swiss airline “Comlux”, which helped in designing the plane’s interior. The other four requests were for undisclosed clients.

It is also worth noting that the European group already has manufacturer approved models for the A320, A330 and A350.

Based on its strong market appeal, we are optimistic to see promising demand for this aircraft in the growing business jet market” Benoit Defforge, president of Airbus Corporate Jets, said in a statement.

We refer here to the sever affect the commercial aircraft manufacturing sector of Airbus has been faced by the epidemic. The company plans to cut 15,000 jobs and does not expect a revival of global air traffic levels until 2023 or even 2025.

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