Air Travel Will Return by 2023 According to Lufthansa

Lufthansa expects air traffic to return to normal during the next 2023

German airline Lufthansa believes that air travel will not return to normal until the next 2023 due to the shortage of staff and the explosion in demand for tickets after the lifting of restrictions on the Covid-19 epidemic, forcing companies to cancel many flights. Read more [Many Holiday Trips Canceled at The End of The Week].

Unfortunately, the reality of flight operations will not improve in the short term during the summer of this year, said Detlev Kaiser, a member of the Lufthansa board of directors, adding that the problem is global and not limited to Germany only, and the only way to confront it is to cancel a number of flights.

Lufthansa has announced plans to cancel about 3,000 flights, or 15% of its capacity, at its main airports in Frankfurt and Munich this summer, as the German company is trying to protect holiday flights from being affected by these difficulties as much as possible by canceling short and medium-haul flights while offering alternative travel options. The canceled flights will also affect its Eurowings subsidiary. To read more [JetBlue Raised its Bid Again to Buy Spirit].

Earlier this month, Lufthansa canceled about 1,000 flights for the summer season due to a shortage of staff, and the canceled flights include about 900 domestic and within the European Union from its main airports in Frankfurt and Munich, and the most affected flights were at the time of the weekend, especially On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the percentage of canceled flights from the company’s ability to operate reached 5% on weekends. Read More [Lufthansa airline loses $2.37 billion in the third quarter].

The entire airline industry has faced many challenges recently, the most important of which was the delay, delay or even cancellation of many flights around the world. Read more [Flight Prices Rise With Increased Demand for Travel].

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