A group of Swiss lawmakers and business executives are calling for an improved response to the COVID-19 pandemic

A group of Swiss business executives and lawmakers have called on the government to speed up coronavirus vaccinations and plan a nationwide COVID-19 testing campaign to tackle the rising number of infections in Switzerland.

The Liberal Healthcare System Consortium sent a public letter to the government demanding that Switzerland’s response to the current crisis be improved. Switzerland and its neighbor Liechtenstein have reported about 581,000 infections and 9,509 deaths since the start of the epidemic, and the number of infections has accelerated in recent days with the spread of new strains of the virus, which has led to a 32% increase in daily infections over the average daily infections during the previous weeks.

Neighboring Germany is also witnessing a rise in injuries, as the number of injuries within one week reached 103.9 per 100,000 people, thus exceeding the threshold of 100 injured, which exceeds the capacity of the intensive health care units.

On Friday, the Swiss government suspended the implementation of its decision to reopen restaurants and allow outdoor events to be held on condition that a limited number of fans attend, in reference to the increasing numbers of infections and the slow progress in implementing vaccines, while Parliament’s recent comments raised concerns that the government’s goal, which was planning to vaccinate the entire population of Switzerland, by the end of next July, would not be achieved.

The Swiss group also called for the standardization of the system for entering the results of examinations and vaccinations across the country to issue non-falsifiable certificates indicating that a person is free from the virus and has acquired immunity against it, because such certificates may facilitate lifting restrictions on people who have received the vaccine and are no longer infected or carrying the Corona virus.

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