More than 400 politicians around the world are calling on Jeff Bezos to pay more taxes, raise wages and protect the environment

More than 400 politicians from 34 countries on all continents have signed a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos demanding that Amazon take action on its policies to protect workers and the environment.

The letter stated that the world knows that the company is able to pay the wages of its workers and the taxes and costs involved to protect the environment, but the company evaded paying all those fees and denied the favor of workers, society and the planet over the company. The contributors to the letter pointed to 25 common demands that Amazon must fulfill, such as a demand to increase the wages of workers in all its warehouses in line with the company’s growing wealth, in addition to a financial allowance for the risks they are exposed to, a commitment to completely eliminate harmful emissions by 2030, and ensure transparency in protecting the privacy of users’ data.

At the same time, the company’s treatment of staff was criticized, as the letter indicated that they work in dangerous conditions, and received only a slight or no increase in their wages, in addition to the company’s retaliatory response to their efforts to defend their rights.

The company sparked controversy over its dealings with its employee, Christian Smalls, who was fired for spreading concerns about the increasing number of patients in the staff, but the company ignored this.

The letter stated that the carbon emissions resulting from the company’s business exceeded the emissions of two thirds of the world, and those carbon emissions increased by 15% last year despite the company’s apparent efforts to reduce them, and that the greenhouse gas emissions from the company’s business are equivalent to 85% of the emissions of Switzerland or Denmark .

The letter referred to the fact that the company did not pay its US federal taxes in 2018 and 2019. The letter comes as part of the “Make Amazon Pay” campaign. Over the past week, Amazon workers in 15 countries staged protests and strikes on Black Friday, calling for the company to raise wages and improve working conditions.

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