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    20 hours ago

    Ford Motors is Giving Up More Shares of Rivian

    Ford sold 7M shares in Rivian Automotive for $188.2 million, or $26.88 per share, and Ford currently owns 86.9 million…
    20 hours ago

    New Goldman Sachs Policies Put Managers Off

    Goldman Sachs will allow managers to take as many days off as they like under flexible vacation project to encourage…
    20 hours ago

    Thyssenkrupp Firm Looks to Expand Shipbuilding

    The new CEO of Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Oliver Berkeard, said that his company wants to become the leading German and…
    2 days ago

    Japan’s Honda’s Prospects are Weak as Costs Rise

    Honda Motor expects annual profits to decline by 7% instead of the expected rise, and warned that profits would be…
    2 days ago

    Sam Bankman Fred Buys a Stake in Troubled Robinhood

    Robin Hood's shares jumped 24.9% a day after the CEO of popular crypto exchange FTX bought a stake in the…




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